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107 SE Washington Street
Portland, OR


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Body Restoration focuses on quality therapeutic massages provided by experienced therapists. Each massage is tailored to individual needs.  

We're Hiring

Focus on massage not the smaller details of running a business!

Build a practice focused on quality massage without the hassle of advertising, purchasing appointment software, dealing with insurance billing, and collecting payments.

Join the best!  

Classic Body Restoration’s central techniques include deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial massage; we often use cupping, gua sha, and hydrotherapy in our sessions.  Each therapist brings their individual skill-set to the table to create the tailored, deeper pressure massage we've become well known for. Massage rooms are equipped with hydraulic tables including one pregnancy massage table.

Pay Structure:

Our pay structure affords therapists the benefits of being self-employed without many of the common stressors of business ownership. We want our therapists to build a strong long-term practice with Classic Body Restoration.  We therefore offer incentives and percentages that improve the longer you are part of our team.  The percentages include an our hourly rate of $80 for a new client and $90/hour for regular clients. Also, insurance billed massages which can pay up to $153/hour.

  • First 3 months: 50/50% (this is a trial period to see if this is the right fit for everyone)

  • One year contract after trial period: 60/40% (Therapist/CBR)

  • Second year: 60/40% for first $1800 then percentage decreases to 25% (Therapist keeps 75% after first $1800)

  • Third year: 60/40% for first $1800 then percentage decreases to 15% (Therapist keeps 85% after first $1800)


Many shifts are available, mornings starting at 9am, afternoons starting at 3pm.  We ask that each therapist works one weekend day.

If you are interested please contact Stephanie.  Be sure to include a resume and a brief explanation of your experience and interest.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Please feel free to drop off your resume in person in order to get a feel for the space, area, and parking.often