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107 SE Washington Street
Portland, OR


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Body Restoration focuses on quality therapeutic massages provided by experienced therapists. Each massage is tailored to individual needs.  

CBR Dogs


Oskar the Dog

Like his mother, Stephanie, Oskar strives to help people cultivate balance and well being in all aspects of their lives. Using the "no-touch" technique, he soothes and relaxes you by resting below you on his dog pillow under the massage table. 
Found wandering the streets of Los Angeles, Oskar has a mysterious past. Stephanie imagines him living out of a refrigerator box, running through the canals and rummaging through dumpsters. Whatever he was doing, his future looked bleak. Deathly afraid of humans, underweight and with his hypoallergenic fur overgrown and matted, he was placed in a high-kill shelter. Luckily, Underdog Railroad Rescue took him in and shipped him to Portland. Until he could be matched with a forever home, they left him with Stephanie, her husband, Kris, Leon the golden retriever, and Clancy the mischievous kitty - all experienced dog fosterers. After six weeks of nestling in, however, Oskar decided that he was too attached and did not want to move on.
From the very beginning of his life in Portland, Oskar wanted to give back to the community and joined Stephanie at the office. While he enjoys greeting patients, he adheres strictly to his "no-touch" path both in and out of the massage room, not even allowing other therapists to pet him in the office. Instead, he shares his gentle, shy, spirit and his love and affection from a distance. While Oskar does not accept payment for his services, he does enjoy the treats from the dish and would be happy if you were willing to give him one, two, or three... 

oscar photo.jpg

Oscar #2: Dog About Town

As Maggie’s service animal, little Oscar is very in tune with Maggie’s energy and the energy around him. This Chihuahua-Pom mix has been to the theater, the movies, to 4th of July fireworks, trick or treating, out to a lot of restaurants, on airplanes, subways, buses, and taxis. Next he needs to learn how to ride in a dog backpack while Maggie scooters to work!  He comes to the office several days a week and sleeps in the treatment room corner during massages. When you hear a big sigh or a gentle snore that's his way of reminding you to take a breath and relax and be in the moment. 


Lucy: Therapy Dog in Training

Lucy, the newest addition to the CBR team, is working towards becoming an official therapy dog.  Although she is rather young for this training, Lucy’s touching biography qualifies her for this calling: originally from China, Lucy was rescued off a meat truck bound for a slaughter house.  She's come a long way since arriving in the Portland in 2017.  She often accompanies her brother, Oskar, to the office and the two of them make quite the duo.  Lucy is very friendly and will be happy to greet you.